Edible Toppers Instructions

Keep frosting sheet sealed in the cellophane bag it is shipped in until you are ready to use it. If it is not needed right away you should store the topper in a cool, dry location at room temperature. DO NOT REFRIGERATE OR FREEZE!!

Prior to using your topper make sure your cake has frosting applied to its surface. It is important that the sugar sheets have something slightly tacky to stick to. A cake freshly iced with buttercream is ideal. The frosting sheets may be used with buttercream, bettercream, fondant, ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate. To make sure your frosting image is crisp and clear we recommend using white or a light colored frosting. 

Now that you have your cake frosted, gently remove the sugar sheet from its packaging and leave out in normal room conditions for about 15 minutes. Edible Topper will peel away easily from backing paper. If not place image in the freezer for 30 second intervals until sheet peels off. Lay printed frosting sheet on top of your cake using DRY hands. Hold ends and apply middle first, then the ends. If any wrinkles, gently pat image to smooth out. Add border or edging of your choice to your cake. 


*If possible place the topper on your cake the day before being used for best results

*You can use Fresh Buttercream or Non-Dairy topping, Fondant, Marzipan, or even Ice Cream as icing

*Frosting sheets do not adhere well to a high moisture base, such as whipped creams

*If your frosting(such as buttercream) has formed a crust, spray with a fine mist of water before applying the printed frosting sheet

*DO NOT add extra moisture to non-dairy whipped toppings

*If using cupcakes cut the tops of them flat or build up the frosting so the image has a flat surface to lay on