Water Bottle Instructions

**Old water bottle label must be removed prior to applying new label

How to Remove Water Labels:

  1. Slip one finger in between the label and bottle
  2. Use your finger to pull and break the label
  3. Peel off remaining label
  4. Your bottle is now ready for our labels to be applied

How to Apply Labels:

**Before you apply a custom label to your water bottle, make sure that the bottle is completely clean, dry, free of residue, and at room temperature. Once your bottle is ready, follow the steps below to apply your label.

  1. To remove your custom water label from the backing paper, peel back the backing at a tight angle in one corner. This should cause the corner to lift up, allowing the label to be slowly peeled off without damage.
  2. Lay the bottle down on a firm surface that will prevent the bottle from rolling, such as on your lap, or an egg carton.
  3. Center the label over the bottle. Use the seam of the bottle as a guide.
  4. Place the center of the label onto the bottle first, using firm pressure to smooth it down evenly from the center out. Once the label is applied, leave the bottle at room temperature for 24 hours to allow the adhesive to set.
  5. Enjoy your personalized water bottle labels!!